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Beware of the chillingly good benefits of...The Hive... mmmmmmwwwwwwahahahahhaha

Inside Scoop Archive now available in News section

Super Users can now access back-issues of Inside Scoop, our monthly internal bulletin in the News section of The Hive.

Links to back issues are also included on the last page of this issue.

Hive Mobile app for messaging, and notifications

Using the free Mobile App, you can access The Hive and collaborate on projects from anywhere! The app supports chat, audio and video calls. New messages and notifications are pushed to you even when the application is closed.

Furthermore, Super Users can also view contact details of other Hive Super Users, read news in our Activity Stream, manage files, schedule events, monitor tasks, post comments and 'like' things that are being discussed across BBN.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

Join a Hive Community Group

We have set up community groups in The Hive, where like minded individuals can interact, share and contribute to an ongoing dialogue.

Here are the communitites available:

  • BBN Creative Community
  • BBN Business Development Community
  • BBN UX Community
  • BBN Brand Strategy Community
  • BBN Digital / Tech Community
  • BBN Account Management Community
  • BBN Content Creators Community
  • BBN Agency Marketing Community

There will hopefully be a community for everyone, regardless of discipline.

If you have an idea for another specialist community group let us know via email.

If you would like to join any of the groups above, just fill in the form on the right.

Select one or more communities:

Hive TV

Watch this 'Double Feature' episode on using and managing tasks effectively in The Hive.

Hive TV broadcasts twice a month, and features tips and best practice for using The Hive and getting the most out it.

We will publish episode links on the Hive Activity stream, but you can also access all the episodes on BBN's

Vimeo Channel

BBN Request Process

BBN Coordinators now use the task function to create and respond to requests.

Please watch the training video or our new process along with tips on using the Kanban view to manage and monitor task responses.

You can view all our Hive training videos here on BBN's Vimeo Channel