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BBN Academy 2018 pitch update

BBN Academy Expro pitch update

Everyone who attended Academy will be keenly interested on next steps with the campaign pitches and potential feedback and so we wanted to give you a timeline of what you can expect in the next few weeks.

Fifth Ring has pulled together a presentation to the client. That meeting was tentatively set for the week of 15 October. Their presentation will cover the context and brief for the Academy competition, a review of the winning proposal by Team Flow (see below), as well as a review of the runners-up (featured in our next issue). Fifth Ring will then seek feedback and provide a recommendation of next steps based on the client dialogue.

Fifth Ring's intention is to weave this into some additional work their digital team is currently doing and we hope the winning presentation, and possibly elements of the other pitches, will be incorporated into Expro’s 2019 marketing campaign, which is slated to be launched in March of 2019 ahead of the industry’s biggest tradeshow OTC 2019 in Houston.

The judging team is currently pulling together their notes and feedback on each presentation. Their plan is to provide each team with feedback very soon.

With regards to feedback from the client, please be on the lookout for an update in the next issue of Inside Scoop and on The Hive by the end of this month.