Go Green!

Our final end-of-year partner resource commitment report

Final Traffic Light Report for 2017-18

This is the final Traffic Light Report of the BBN Year 2017-18 which culminated at the end of June.

The report captures partner's monthly commitments to engagement, attending events, new business development, task team contributions, marketing, expansion and training. Special formulas convert scorecard points into traffic lights: green, amber and red.

Congratulations again to Fifth Ring for turning every one of their commitment areas green. This is the third time in a row that Fifth Ring have been No.1 in BBN's resource commitment stakes, so a BIG congratulations to them for their continued comittment and contribution to BBN.

Special recognition must go to INL, who started the year in 14th place and has finished in second! What an achievement and commitment they have shown to their fellow partners.

We're also very impressed with Referro, who started the year in 12th place and finished in fourth and with cylindr, who as a newcomer, has made a phenominal effort and climbed upto sixth place. Well done!

Finally, well done to all partners who made great efforts to turn most of those lights green and amber. Now we start all over again!

If you are not sure how to turn your green lights from amber or red, just refer to your scorecard for guidance. Increasing scores evenly across all areas will ensure you are really getting the most out of your BBN partnership.

There is no reason why every partner should not have a full
'chandelier of green lights' this year! Let's make 2018-19
the most committed and strongest BBN we can be.