Partner Resources Update

Here's an update on resources we've made available in The Hive

The Hive - what's in it for me?

Based on a request from a couple of our coordinators, we have produced a few PowerPoint slides that you can use to present to your colleagues about the Hive. These slides will:

  • Explain the Hive and the different user types
  • Provide an overview of what's available
  • Explain the benefits of using the Hive
  • Guidance on how to sign up.

There are updated user guides here

And Training videos are available here

Watch the recording of the webinar here

Buzz Magazine - Issue 16

In this issue of Buzz Magazine we talk about the key areas we feel marketers need to tackle the next generation of B2B marketing. The benefits of collaboration and long-term partnerships; the tools and attitude you need to overcome the challenges of marketing on a global scale; the ability not to get carried away with technology as a solution but see it as an enabler. And, finally in today’s environment, what we believe B2B CMO’s are looking for in an agency partner.

Read this issue of Buzz

White-paper - Creating differentiation

We’ve collated insights from various articles, reports and personal experience and created a whitepaper that highlights what clients want from agencies these days. And further investigates the top five types of differentiators that may help agencies attract more profitable and sustainable new business; And finally we explore other surprising sources of new business that can reduce the time and effort spent on attaining it.

This has been added to the BBN Content Hub in The Hive: Download the white-paper

Who are our BBN Specialists?

Some time ago, we captured our service and industry expertise across BBN and shared the information via a country-based matrix.

We have now added a refined version of this, highlighting service and industry specialties. Find it here

Hello world

Why should clients consider a BBN Partner over a competitor? This brochure focuses on the benefits for clients of working with BBN agencies... in essence, the world’s most talented and experienced B2B marketing professionals united by a single proposition:

BBN. The bold new generation of B2B agency.

Also boasting our new design look, this is certainly worthy of a share on your agency's social pages. :) Find it here

Hello big thinker

To attract new partners and expand our global reach, we need to present prospect agencies with plenty of good reasons why BBN is the right decision for them.

This brochure, combined with partner testimonials and our brand story provides a compelling pitch to any agency who meets our criteria and is the right cultural fit.

If you know of an agency who should be considering BBN partnership, please share this with them. Find it here