We could not possibly publish an issue of Inside Scoop this month without mentioning the World Cup football (for all our American friends - that's the FIFA Soccer World Cup). At BBN Central we followed the lead set by Ed Davis from Fifth Ring, who chose to support the team in each match he watched based on if we had a BBN partner there. On that basis, we'd like to congratulate ComCorp on winning the World Cup 2018!

So how did our other partners fair had they been playing for their countries in this year's competition? Well True and ARK made it to the semi-finals, but it was ARK who triumphed and went home with the 3rd place golden boot; while the only thing going back with True was the team! Congrats to APlusM and Approach who made it to the quarter-finals but were beaten by True and ARK, while cylindr, MarketLogic, ImpactM and INL all made it no further than the 'Round of 16'. Unfortunately, commiserations must go to wob and M&a who did not make it past the Group Stages.

Well with that out of the way, I can promise there will be no more mentions of football in the rest of this issue of Inside Scoop!