The Hive

Get more out of the BBN online platform with how-to guides, tips and tricks.

Join a Hive Community Group

We have set up community groups in The Hive, where like minded individuals can interact, share and contribute to an ongoing dialogue.

Here are the communitites available:

  • BBN Creative Community
  • BBN Business Development Community
  • BBN UX Community
  • BBN Brand Strategy Community
  • BBN Digital / Tech Community
  • BBN Account Management Community
  • BBN Content Creators Community
  • BBN Agency Marketing Community

There will hopefully be a community for everyone, regardless of discipline.

If you have an idea for another specialist community group let us know via email.

If you would like to join any of the groups above, just fill in the form on the right.

Select one or more communities:

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

Hive TV

Don't miss next week's 'Double Feature'! We'll be sharing Part I and II on using tasks effectively in The Hive.

Hive TV broadcasts twice a month, and features tips and best practice for using The Hive and getting the most out it. The first three episodes are available now.

We will publish episode links on the Hive Activity stream, but you can also access all the episodes on BBN's

Vimeo Channel

BBN Request Process

BBN Coordinators now use the task function to create and respond to requests.

Please watch the training video or our new process along with tips on using the Kanban view to manage and monitor task responses.

You can view all our Hive training videos here on BBN's Vimeo Channel

Desktop app for messaging, and notifications

Personal messages, notifications, and incoming tasks are visible through the Desktop App on your computer. The Desktop App provides users with access to video conferencing for groups up to 4 people and allows making web phone calls directly from The Hive. It also features 'The Drive' - a powerful tool to manage and sync files between your Mac/PC and your Hive drive in the Cloud.

When you login, please ensure you provide the url address before adding your login details: