BBN Exchange Programme

A priviliged opportunity to gain a unique work experience.

Purpose of the initiative

  • To foster exchange between agencies
  • To help our employees grow through personal experience
  • To add to their skillset
  • To increase the networking activities

while still...

  • Providing a noticeable experience and effect for the participants
  • Simple to implement - does not require intensive organisation
  • Without interrupting ongoing agency business
  • Within a reasonable budget frame

Benefit for the home agency

  • Increased attractiveness as employer
  • Networking opportunities for their team member

Benefit for the participants

  • Broader range of work experience
  • Experiencing a different culture
  • Enhancing independence and flexibility
  • Contribution to personal development
  • Interesting addition to CV

Benefit for the host agency

  • Networking opportunities for their teams
  • Insight into different cultures/ work practices
  • Additional resources for their teams

What's different from the previous programme?

Two of the previous key conditions have been changed in line with the resource demands of both home and host agencies. Rather than a minimum of four to six weeks duration, we have reduced this to a minimum of two weeks. And rather than impose a 100% dedication to host agency projects an exchange may spend some of their time (but less than 40%) at the host agency on their ongoing home agency projects ("Suitcase work"). Details to be agreed upon by host and home agency, of course!

How does it work?

If an agency is interested in sending an employee to another agency, they provide details via an application form to BBN Central. BBN Central then subsequently puts them in touch with potential host agencies. From then onwards, everything is discussed and organised directly between them.

We expect the participant to share his/ her experience on social media and the BBN blog and to allow BBN, home and host agency to use this in their own communications.

Some basic rules

Home agency responsibility

  • To promote the programme internally (unless they do not want to participate), and select suitable candidates
  • To ensure that everything is organised for their team member's stay abroad.
  • To provide a contact in agency management/ HR for the host agency
  • To cover the exchangee's cost for travel, living, accomodation
  • To ensure that the exchangee is suited for the job and meets the host agency requirements on language, skill set, mindset
  • To manage expectation with their employees and clients - which responsibilities must/may travel with the exchangee ("suitcase projects") but do not interfere with the local experience?
  • To make sure that the "suitcase project responsibilities do not exceed the limit, i.e. the exchangee has enough time and flexibility to truly participate in the host agency work life.

Host agency responsibility

  • To provide a contact in agency management/HR for home agency
  • To state clearly what their requirements for the candidate are (language proficiency, skill level,..)
  • To support in e.g. finding accomodation if needed
  • To include exchangee in agency social activities wherever possible
  • To provide a mentor for the exchangee's stay (ideally, someone who will also help to plan spare time activities)
  • To involve him/ her on project work that is suited to provide the expected experience
  • To allow the necessary time for the exchangee's "suitcase projects" (ongoing client work from home agency that needs to be done during the exchange - but no more than max. 40 % of time)
  • To provide personal feedback about performance at the end of the programme