Chairman's Update

Monthly 'Abstracts' that provide updates on BBN's objectives, business plan and the latest initiatives.

Abstract 4:

Progress Update

Dear partners,

In previous abstracts there have been a number of initiatives and actions noted, so it seemed appropriate to give an update on progress.

Consolidated figures for agency benchmarking reports

After an inordinately protracted process of gathering all the data, we have submitted the information to B2B Marketing and look forward to seeing the published report in due course. From the consolidated gross profit number it looks as if we will be in the top five international B2B agencies. This I am sure will raise our profile and attract direct response.

We will now also use this information in the production of our annual report.

Centralised PR resource

A new BBN PR team has been formed and are already on the case to raise our profile. The PR strategy being created will need to relate to our future business and marketing strategies, so it's a work in progress as we quickly veer towards reviewing our plan again in January (only two months away!!!) If you have something you think warrants wider circulation please contact Annette.

Showcase more creativity and case examples

We are soon to update our website home page with a creative show case of our best work. We are also currently working on a more detailed and comprehensive case study template for RFPs and new business initiatives. Therefore a new template and format for these will be circulated soon.

BBN leading the B2B standard globally

We have increased the level, regularity and quality of our white papers, blog posts through articles in the Buzz magazine. All of this collateral is available online using Instant magazine and links are always shared in the Hive. The content included in all this material is available to you to incorporate or repurpose for your own channels of communication.

Regional groups

There has been considerable traction in both APac and the Nordics regional groups. Both have shown great levels of engagement and progress in establishing regionally targeted propositions and identifying initial prospect hit lists.

In doing so we have now established the process for setting up regional groups and produced a range of support collateral which can be easily shared and adapted.

A date has been set for January for a initial set up meeting in the Americas.

Confidence in the whole concept and its potential to deliver tangible results is high, and we will report specific successes in the near future.

Learning and development plan

All of the survey forms are now in and I am delighted to say with minor exception submitted within the deadline. The quality of the completion of the survey was also very high and has provided, even on first pass review of the results, an extremely valuable snapshot of where partners are on the learning curve, the importance they place on it, as well as the challenges.

This survey will help formulate the L&D plan going forward for BBN. Once fully analysed a summary report will be circulated to all partners.  

Partner resource support

The proposal for a more structured partner support process was circulated in October and was unanimously accepted. As we implement new processes and develop other initiatives we will seek, as appropriate, support from partners helping to move programs on and produce results quicker. May I thank you all for you engagement with this and the positive messages of support which we have received.

Should you require any further information on any of the above I am always available and happy to discuss.

Kind regards,

Clif Collier

BBN Chairman