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We need topic suggestions and presenters for our webinar calendar in 2019.

NEXT Webinar - 9 January 2019

Lenovo Case Study - Golden Bee Award Winner

GetIT Comms will present the award-winning campaign for Lenovo, that won Best Use of Content Marketing in this year's Golden Bee Awards.

We need your contributions for 2019

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E-mail invitations are sent out before the live webinar requesting participants to register via our Go-To-Webinar platform. Once registered, you will be sent connection details and be sent reminders one day and one hour before the start.

Most webinars will be broadcast once live and then will be available on-demand via our GoToStage Webinar channel.

Webinar recordings available on BBN's GoToStage:

Just visit our GoToStage webinar channel to watch any of the recordings below:

  • Golden Bee award winning cases
  • Account Management Team Update
  • Winning pitch presentations for Bathco, HPE, Rockwool & John Deere
  • Ascend Performance Materials - A BAM & BLI Case
  • Hive training
  • Agency credentials webinars from Fifth Ring, True, Marketlogic and cylindr
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Account Based Marketing
  • UX Design guidlines for attracting & retaining B2B audiences
  • Creative Callibration
  • App development for sales teams
  • Marketing Intelliegence