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How to become a BBN Exchange participant

The BBN Exchange Program offers you the chance to travel and work at a BBN Partner Agency in one of 16 countries across the world. Immerse yourself in a new culture while you experience first-hand how other BBN agencies approach the business. No matter where you go, you’ll bring a wealth of inspiration and fresh thinking back to your home agency.

Who can be an exchange student?
Any BBN employee whose home agency is participating in the exchange programme.

Length of time at overseas agencies
The length of the individual exchange is flexible and may be agreed upon between the exchange student (and his home agency) and the host agency. Two weeks is considered the minimum period due to the time required for orientation, familiarisation with clients, working practices etc. An exchange may spend some of their time (but less than 40 %) at the host agency with their ongoing projects (“suitcase work”). Details to be agreed upon by host and home agency.

The Process

If your agency is participating:

  1. You and/or your manager decide (e.g. in your appraisal meeting) that participation in the BBN exchange programme would be helpful for your professional development
  2. Your manager requests the general information sheet and the application form for the BBN exchange programme
  3. You fill in the application form together with your manager, and choose a preferred and alternative choice of host agency from the current list provided
  4. Your manager sends the application form to Annette Fernandes-Poyser (annette.fernandes@bbn-
  5. Annette forwards the application form and your request to the chosen host agency
  6. The HR manager (or other individual in charge of HR issues) will get in touch with you to confirm the exchange
  7. You, your manager and the HR manager of the host agency arrange everything for your stay abroad (e.g. travel organisation, accommodation, visa if needed etc.)
  8. You undertake the exchange programme. Remember we are keen to read your experiences on the BBN blog, so submit your weekly blog entry to BBN central throughout the duration of your stay.