Chairman's Message

A very special festive message from our Chairman

A time for family and friends

Merry Christmas

Christmas and the festive season are many things to many people. For some it is a religious celebration, for others it is a holiday, a welcome break leading up to a New Year and all that may hold. Most of all it’s a time for coming together a time for family and friends.

We often refer to BBN as a family and it is a particularly apt description. We interact daily and regularly spend more time in work than we do at home. Relationships within BBN often span decades and for many, lifelong friendships have grown from what started as a business relationship. We share opportunities and challenges and support each other in both good times and bad. There is, as new partners quickly come to learn, a bond that goes beyond the workplace. That bond steadily grows despite the fact we span the world, operate in different time zones, speak different languages, have different faiths and come from widely varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is truly special. And this is a special and appropriate time to reflect on that.

We should also recognise that many of our community celebrate different religious founded holidays at other times of the year – Diwali, Ramadan, Hanukkha, Obon – and in my fortunate experience over many years, these are times, as is Christmas, that give us the opportunity to reach out and share the goodwill of those celebrations. In doing so it develops greater mutual respect and a deeper shared understanding.

In this last year, I believe that BBN has become even more united at so many levels. We have welcomed new partners, all of whom have significantly contributed to BBN and enhanced our culture. We have raised our profile and steered the organisation in a direction that is providing solid opportunities and results. So, looking forward, we have good reason to believe that what we have created in BBN is well founded to grow and prosper to the benefit of all.

I hope you will all be able to enjoy a well-earned break and have a very enjoyable and special time with your families and friends over the festive season. May I also wish you and yours’ health, happiness and prosperity in 2019.

Clif Collier

BBN Chairman