Chairman's Update

Monthly 'Abstracts' that provide updates on BBN's objectives, business plan and the latest initiatives.

Can it really be the end of January!

Dear partners,

I don’t know if there is a date beyond which wishing happy new year is redundant. I suspect the Scots hang onto the salutation longer than others, so here’s to a successful 2019 for us all.

The fast pace that last year ended on has, without doubt, continued into 2019. From conversations with many of the partners, it seems that activity levels are good and expectations for this year are high. There’s also a widely shared view that BBN is steadily gaining momentum and belief in our latent potential is far stronger than at any time in the past. But, there is much yet to do for that belief to fully morph into reality.

The executive board spent two days last week in our annual planning workshop. It was a very purposeful session, one which amplified the views above and recognised that BBN is at a watershed in its journey to become the world’s B2B agency. Perception and intuition are themselves powerful drivers, but being able to validate these expressions, and support them, evidentially through robust process, makes the proposition significantly stronger. Facilitated by Rodger Jones, director of brand strategy at Bader Rutter and Curtis Gorrell, Bader Rutter’s representative on the BBN board, we spent the first day in a workshop ‘torturing’ the whole concept and implications of partners wishing to co-brand with BBN. Drawing from the methodology of BAM, considerable preparation including 10 interviews with partners resulted in a high level of clarity, not only on this topic, but also across the whole question of brand alignment, (a topic which has challenged us for as long as any partner can recall). The outputs from this will be variously shared with the partnership between now and at the owners’ conference. On behalf of BBN, I would like to thank Curtis and Rodger who spent considerable time over the holiday season in preparation for this important workshop.

The  January planning meeting starts to set the agenda for the owners’ conference and business plan. As well as co-branding and brand alignment being agenda items, we will discuss the next stage in our learning and development program as well as how we plan to engage our next generation of young marketers. We envisage the outputs of this conference will directly influence our future ambition and how that translates to a new vision for BBN.

Planning is well underway for the conference on 8-11 May 2019, and between now and then we will seek input from you as well as setting some preparation so we can maximise the time we all invest in this focal event in our annual calendar. 

Kind regards,

Clif Collier

BBN Chairman