Partner Resources Update

Here's an update on resources we've made available in The Hive

NEW BBN Briefing document

The Account Management task team have been busy developing an excitng new dynamic briefing document using Adobe Acrobat forms. How to use this and other toolkit updates can be found in the Webinar recording on our webinar channel

Watch the webinar here

Business expansion, the greatest challenge for the owner-managed agency

Management of growth and expansion, without undue exposure to risk, are critical goals for agency owners and entrepreneurs. If expansion is required, by how much? Are you expanding to new cities within a country or is global expansion required? Alternatively, is it the need to keep up with ever increasing use and complexities of marketing technologies?

This white-paper explores how B2B agencies, rather than ‘going it alone’, can embark on expansion and development through an alternative approach that carries far less risk and in many aspects, is far more rewarding.

Buzz Magazine - Issue 17

In this issue of Buzz Magazine, we protest against the cliché, we explore how highly creative campaigns can generate far better campaign results and we examine the importance of having a Big Long Idea in B2B marketing. Finally, we take a look at the 'context trends' within which creative ideas need to adapt.

Read this issue of Buzz

Who are our BBN Specialists?

Some time ago, we captured our service and industry expertise across BBN and shared the information via a country-based matrix.

We have now added a refined version of this, highlighting service and industry specialties. Find it here

Hello world

Why should clients consider a BBN Partner over a competitor? This brochure focuses on the benefits for clients of working with BBN agencies... in essence, the world’s most talented and experienced B2B marketing professionals united by a single proposition:

BBN. The bold new generation of B2B agency.

Also boasting our new design look, this is certainly worthy of a share on your agency's social pages. :) Find it here

Hello big thinker

To attract new partners and expand our global reach, we need to present prospect agencies with plenty of good reasons why BBN is the right decision for them.

This brochure, combined with partner testimonials and our brand story provides a compelling pitch to any agency who meets our criteria and is the right cultural fit.

If you know of an agency who should be considering BBN partnership, please share this with them. Find it here