BBN Webinars

Learn more with BBN's monthly webinars. Webinars are open to all our BBN colleagues and are a mix of specialist topics, agency partner credential presentations and training sessions. Be sure to check out Inside Scoop every month and the Hive webinar calendar.

Simulated Live Webinar on-demand

Programmatic Advertising

Richard Parsons from True explains programmatic advertising and why and how you should be selling it to your clients.

Webinar invitations are sent out before the live event requesting participants to register via our Go-To-Webinar platform. Once registered, you will be sent connection details and be sent reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the start.

Another ’Simulated Live’ webinar will be available on-demand for a month following the actual live broadcast so that attendees who could not attend the live webinar can watch it at a time that suits them.

Upcoming Webinars

cylindr Credentials Presentation

25 April

cylindr will present their agency credentials to include examples from their portfolio followed by a Q&A session.


London (BST) - 9am             
Rest of Europe (CEST) - 10am

Finland (EEST) - 11am

Singapore (SST) - 5pm

Sydney (AEST) - 8pm

Pitch to Win

23 May

Clif Collier takes you through BBN's Pitch to Win approach and explains how using it could ensure your next business win!


London (BST) - 9am

Rest of Europe (CEST) - 10am

Finland (EEST) - 11am

Singapore (SST) - 5pm

Sydney (AEST) - 8pm

A Winning Pitch - Bathco

7 June

From an enquiry directly through the BBN website to the pitch that won a major new piece of business for INL in Switzerland


Houston / Mexico (CDT) - 8am

Canada / Florida (EDT) - 9am             
Brazil (BST) - 10am

London (BST) - 2pm             
Rest of Europe (CEST) - 3pm

Finland (EEST) - 4pm

Singapore (SST) - 9pm

Webcasts available in The Hive:

  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Account Based Marketing
  • 2018 Design Trends
  • True Credentials presentation
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • App Development for Sales
  • Fifth Ring Credentials presentation
  • Creative Calibration
  • UX Design for B2B audiences
  • A/B Testing
  • Contact Centre