Partner Resources Update

Here's an update on resources we've made available in The Hive

The BBN World map

As the BBN Empire expands, we regularly update our locations map and statistics. A new map is now available in The Hive to include Japan and remove Spain. Boasting a new design that is consistent with our new website locations page and brochure designs, this map comes in two formats suitable for Slide presentations and A4 PDF formats. Adobe Illustrator files also available.

The BBN Brand Story

More to the point, more emotional and better presented. This book tells BBN's story so far... from our humble beginnings in 1987 to a transition to 100% partner-ownership in 2018.

Incorporating a new design look and feel, this is a story worth sharing. Feel free to add it to your website or share it with clients. Find it here

Ask Central for high resolution artwork files if you want printed copies.

Hello world

Less about the story and more about the why. Why should clients consider a BBN Partner over a competitor. This brochure focuses on the benefits of working with BBN agencies... in essence, the world’s most talented and experienced B2B marketing professionals united by a single proposition:

BBN. The bold new generation of B2B agency.

Also boasting our new design look, this is certainly worthy of a share on your agency's social pages. :) Find it here

Hello big thinker

To attract new partners and expand our global reach, we need to present prospect agencies with plenty of good reasons why BBN is the right decision for them.

This brochure, combined with partner testimonials and our brand story provides a compelling pitch to any agency who meets our criteria and is the right cultural fit.

If you know of an agency who should be considering BBN partnership, please share this with them. Find it here