Love is in the air

We’ve really been feeling the love this month.

As some of you will be aware BBN is moving to a position where every partner is a shareholder and as of this month, we welcome eight new equity partners: True, Iteo, AplusM, Comcorp, GetIT Comms, M&a, Approach and INL. This month really has been the month of love and marriage! The importance of every partner being ‘bought into’ BBN was highlighted at the last owners’ conference. Creating a greater sense of ownership is a key component of our proposition and will enable us to present an even more connected image to the outside world.

Meanwhile, partner relationships and friendships continue to bloom and the increase in engagement with BBN Central through the agency visits by Clif Collier and the Hive training sessions have solidified us even further. We would also like to highly commend all partners on the levels of commitment and contribution which has been exceptional across the whole organisation from both new and long tenure partners alike.

During discussions with our partners over the past few weeks, it’s clearly evident that agencies are also embracing the benefits that integrating the BBN message and branding into their own touchpoints can bring.

Feedback from partnew principals is positive about their local market conditions and there is a strong sense that BBN is moving in the right direction that enhances their offering. That sense is endorsed by the fact we are experiencing increased levels of interest from potential clients and prospective partners alike, even though the plans to raise our brand awareness in both these areas are still in their infancy.

With the launch of several new partner websites, we are delighted to see BBN woven throughout their pages, where BBN and Navigator become an integral part of the agency’s own story and messaging. With a move to a much more consistent alignment with BBN across partner websites, our proposition to be the world’s B2B agency will grow stronger.

We have created and shared a Brand Alignment Guide which you can find along with updated BBN messaging and graphic assets in the hive here. As always, the team at BBN Central are available to support you, provide information or answer queries. It is our primary objective to aide you in developing your businesses and your people and as a result secure new business.

Love is in the air