Welcome to our first issue of Inside Scoop using our new Instant Magazine template.

As well as serving up our regular BBN updates, this issue serves as a demonstration of some of the great features available within this online content publishing tool.

In discussions with partners over the last six weeks, it seems the year has started busy for everyone and there's a definite 'pitch fever' in the air! Good luck to everyone and here's to a successful year in winning new business.

With BBN's new Hive now fully operational, the migration of content and users is complete and so far we've had great feedback on the social-based platform. If you are not yet registered, please let us know.

Oh, and did you know this is a good time of year to see the Northern lights on a clear night... but that's not the only amazing thing happing in the Nordics! We are proud to welcome our new Danish partner cylindr, you can read all about them in this issue.