Editor's letter

Annette Fernandes-Poyser, Executive Director of BBN

A little about Meerkats

The Meerkat is one of those species that will always fascinate people with their characteristic behaviours which has made them one of Africa’s most iconic small mammals.

Meerkats have a matriarchal society and a single clan often contain about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50 or more. For meerkats, there isn’t just safety in numbers—there’s also companionship. There are few animals on Earth who work as well together as meerkats.

One of the most important roles a meerkat plays is that of the sentry, or watch guard. They have a fascinating collaborative system which includes a range of different vocal signals that denote the level of a predator's threat to the clan.

They are of course extremely cute, with bushy brown-striped fur, a small pointed face, and large eyes which always initiates numerous 'Ooos' and 'Ahhhs' from their human observers.

A little about BBN

Much like the Meerkat, BBN partnership goes way beyond the business relationship and many of our partner agencies are life-long friends. We think that this level of relationship together with the entrepreneurial spirit of an independent agency business owner, creates a pretty unique approach to working together, one which few other agencies can offer. As far as being cute goes, we're not bad looking either!

Since 1987, our global partners continuously innovate and have created the world’s only truly integrated B2B marketing toolkit. Sharing our expertise and knowledge with B2B marketers inside and outside our organisation has allowed us to develop tools and techniques that have given us a 'fascinating collaborative system' called BBN Navigator.

In this issue of Buzz Magazine, we explore new agency models that are emerging from the changing demands of B2B businesses and how having International reach with localised
relevance in your B2B marketing is so important. We also share our take on 'Flexi' marketing -

an adaptable and pragmatic approach; and we leave you with 10 questions you should definitely consider asking your agency if your business has an international marketing strategy.

We would love to hear your opinion too. So please feel free to contact us and provide comment or feedback on any of the articles you read in this issue of Buzz.