Editor's letter

Annette Fernandes-Poyser, Executive Director of BBN

A little about Seagulls (or Gulls)

Firstly, you may not be aware of this, but the Seagull actually doesn't exist. But there are in fact over 50 species of Gull, and some happen to reside by the sea. For the purpose of this introduction, we'll refer to these as Seagulls. Now Seagulls have an exceptionally creative and surprising way of getting food. They spend a lot of time looking for food, and one of their favourite foods is the lowly mollusc. Once the Gull has the closed mollusc in its beak, it immediately flies into the air and at approximately 10 feet above a hard surface… the seagull releases the mollusc, and as it hits the ground, it shatters open, revealing the sweet, meaty food inside. The gull comes down, grabs the food “without the shell” and takes it to a safe place to eat it (that’s how shells get on beach paths!). Baby gulls don't do this instinctively, they watch the adult birds and learn that using their beaks alone to crack the shell, is much less effective than combining the creative flight patterns of 'mollusc bombing'.

A little about BBN

Much like the Seagull, we've learned that delivering highly creative B2B marketing campaigns is far more effective than one that isn't. Most B2B marketers can produce creative ideas, but just don't have the tools and inspiration to find that one brilliant and innovative solution that will optimise the success of their campaign.

Since 1987, we've kept learning from one another, sharing creative tools and brainstorming techniques that can generate a multitude of great Big Long ideas. By collaborating with our global partners, we continuously innovate and have created the world’s only truly integrated B2B marketing toolkit. Sharing our creative expertise and knowledge with B2B marketers inside and outside our organisation has allowed us to develop tools and techniques that have given us our very own version of 'mollusc bombing'.

So in this issue of Buzz Magazine, we protest against the cliché, we explore how highly creative campaigns can generate far better campaign results and we examine the importance of having a Big Long Idea in B2B marketing. Finally, we take a look at the 'context trends' within which creative ideas need to adapt.

We would love to hear your opinion too. So please feel free to contact us and provide comment or feedback on any of the articles you read in this issue of Buzz.